Litebold supplies its clients,

with the latest technology and engineering of optimization to get the best result. LiteBold is right here to help you choose the best among the several SEO packages on offer.


LiteBold introduce SEM. What Is SEM? Search engine marketing is a technique of marketing websites by means of increasing visibility and rankings within search engine results pages.

This is achieved by making use of several methods, including search engine optimization (SEO), and even paid placement via pay per click services. Understanding the ins and outs of how SEM can positively impact your business can be, at times, confusing.

By putting your trust in to the hands of a reliable and reputable online marketing service, you are certain to see positive results as your online marketing experts navigate the SEM channels to ensure that your website achieves high rankings within search engine results pages. Higher search engine result rankings very often lead to a noticeable increase in driven web traffic and sales leads.

If you recently got a new domain name, we know that you may want to set it up to go live soon. This is why we are here to help if you need help setting up the website. If your website is already live, then we could be of help to you in the future.

“We can help you install any PHP/ASP/CGI/Perl script e.g. Blogs, CMS, Forums, Directories, Vbulletin, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal etc. We also offer add-on installation such as theme, module, plugin, update, image, logo, banner, tracking code, template, captcha, dynamic menu and widget. We offer free script compatibility check to determine if a script can run on a website’s server, if requested.

We can also help you fix broken links and database issues on your website.

We also provide free consultation for any website related issue. So, if you have questions please contact us, we’ll be glad to help.

You can simply can contact us.